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Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Music #20: 7and5: Crossroads

John Nixon, creator of 7and5
7and5 is John Nixon.  7and5 is music is created from where New Age and Electronic music meet.  It is instrumental music intended not just for relaxation but for the provoking of thought and wonder.  His music is described as a "musical concept" that he has been working on for several years.  Mr. Nixon graduated from Berklee College of Music and has been working in the Detroit area for years writing music for T.V. and advertising.  He has also written a portion of the trailer for the movie "The Visitor". 

John was interviewed by his old high school magazine and his response to the question of what he had learned in HS and how it helped him in his life was noteworthy: "NDHS taught me how to compete at the highest levels; whether it be for grades, in sports, or band. Competition and doing one’s best were always at the core of what we did, and understanding that this is what we face everyday in the real world, adversity is far less of an obstacle."

He is married and has a 14 year old daughter who is following in the music footsteps of her father by playing piano and violin. 

Crossroads comes from the album Hope, Destiny, and Choice

Enjoy the sound and the video has some interesting images as well.
7and5 Crossroads

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  1. oooooo - another really good one!! and i would definitely peg this for a "dad" song :) it's totally your style!!! the music is awesome and i really liked the images the video played throughout the song. very calming :)


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