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Friday, September 23, 2011

Modern Hero #4: Antonio Diaz Chacon

Antonio Diaz Chacom
A month ago there was a young man who really went all out to protect a little girl and in the process became a hero to her family as well as to me.  In New Mexico a six year old little girl was carrying some tostadas for her family from a neighbors house.  She was snatched from her yard by a man in a blue van.  Antonio Diaz Chacon jumped in his truck and gave chase to the man who took the little girl.  He followed as the snatcher tried to lose him by making various turns in a residential area. The perpetrator finally fled on foot after recking his van and Antonio got the girl and returned her to her home.   Antonio was attributed with saving the girls life after the police apprehended the perpetrator and found where he had stashed some tools to bind her. 

Antonio is a mechanic whose main language is Spanish and as he became the subject of a media blitz his wife had to translate his story to the reporters.  Later reports indicated that he was an illegal alien in this country.  Antonio indicated that while he was chasing the perpetrator he was thinking of his two little girls and would hope that others would do the same if it had happened to them.

He is a hero from my perspective for getting involved and protecting a little girl without concern for himself.  He didn't think about reasons not to do the right thing but instead just did it.  Thank God we still have people who will protect children, our most vulnerable members of society, even those children that are not their own. 
Antonio with his wife and daughter receiving an award for his actions.

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  1. Mike actually read this post before I did and he told me to be sure I checked it out because he thought it was really cool. I think it is always nice to hear of someone protecting someone else especially when that person in a child! What a great guy! Definitely a hero - especially to the girl and her family :)


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