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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guest Blog: It's Electric

There's nothing like going without electricity for awhile to help you appreciate your blessings.  After approximately 60 hours without power--courtesy of Hurricane Irene--here's a partial list of things for which I have a renewed sense of appreciation:

  • ice cubes available 24/7 in virtually unlimited quantities
  • air conditioning
  • internet accessibility
  • cold milk
  • walking on the treadmill
  • toast
  • melted cheese (on anything!)
  • microwave ovens
  • ceiling fans
  • no lines at the gas station (luckily our tanks were full but there were plenty of lines at the few working gas stations around town)
  • friends who check on you when they know your power is out
  • neighbors who string an extension cord from their generator through your back yard so you can plug in your fridge
  • being able to see well enough after nightfall to keep reading the book you can't put down
  • a land line 
  • a friend with power who lets you come over and charge up your cell phones and Kindle
  • the battery-operated iPod dock my husband bought me for Mother's Day
  • dishwashers
  • ice cream
  • clean laundry
  • blow dryers
  • getting light with the flip of a switch
  • the luxury of an extra bedroom on the bottom floor when it's too hot to sleep upstairs
  • 4-burner camp stoves
  • batteries
  • picnic tables
  • disposable plates, cups and silverware
With about half of our town still without power, we feel blessed to be back on the grid!



  1. So glad you guys are okay! Things like this make you want a generator of your own doesn't it? My advice is to wait a month or two and then get one.

  2. I'm glad your power is back on!! We were without power last winter for more than a day, and I found that I appreciated many of those same things, and I wish we'd been more prepared. Next time, next time!! :-)

  3. aww i think it's so cute thinking of your backyard neighbors stringing an extension cord across the lawn so you could power the fridge :) it's nice that so many people were able to help you guys out!


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