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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Update on Hurricane Irene at our home

At 11:30 a.m. on Saturday it has been raining for several hours.  First thing this morning Hilary had a flight out of Richmond in order to return to school which begins next week.  When Lisa made that flight plan she was surely inspired as it was very early in the morning and so she was able to get out. Even still several of the airlines had cancelled their flights already but not Delta.  Hilary is well on her way and has already completed the first leg.  Now EVERY incoming flight to Richmond and outgoing flight has cancelled except two each.  So that certainly worked out great.
So far we have only been seeing rain with a bit of wind.  Early this morning when we went to the airport it was just a light rain but now it is raining significantly and the wind is throwing the water at our windows at about the same level as a good Virginia rain storm like the ones we are accustomed to in this state.  So far it is just a good rain storm.

All the Sunday services for our stake have been cancelled tomorrow except the one to the westernmost branch.  Plans to get reports to the Stake of members who have damage and needs caused by the storm are in effect.  Leaders are at one ward building to receive members from more storm affected parts of the state and direct them to homes where families have agreed to house them is set up and going, although as of last night not one individual or family had come.  That latter plan was set in motion as a result of the Area Authority and surrounding Stake Presidencies to aid members needing to escape the coast for safety from the storm. 

Right at the moment all is manageable but the worst part of the storm has, of course, not arrived.

As for me I am having a lunch of toasted tomato basil bread with chunky peanut butter and blueberry and peach preserves.  Can't complain at this point. 

P.S.  Just to show you how things are grinding to a stop here our new BYU football shirts just arrived this minute!  [How is that for a little tempting fate sarcasm?]

I'll update later if we still have electricity.

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  1. I can't believe Hilary made it out okay!! That is such a blessing!!! I really had to laugh about your comment on what you were eating hahaha :) also I'm sad that the byu shirt picture didn't show up properly on my phone!!! :(


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