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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There is beauty all around

Megan's wedding pictures are in so I will develop a number of posts to show them off.  This post is entitled after a phrase from a hymn.  I chose this title because Megan was very beautiful with her wedding dress and so I will focus on pictures of her in this particular post.  Many people think of a wedding as the bride's big day.  Everything is made to her specifications, she chooses the colors and the details of decorations and so forth.  The groom is supposed to get there dressed appropriately but the bride is often considered the main character in this all important play.  In our religion the bride dominance thing isn't quite as pronounced.  Nevertheless I use that as justification to have mostly pictures of her today. 
In front of the Provo Temple

These were taken at the Springville Art Museum where the reception was held.


  1. soooo jealous! I wanted my reception in the Springville art museum! Oh well, I'm happy for Megan. She does look gorgeous, and she had an awesome photographer.

  2. awesome photos!!! i love the ones in front of that hershey kiss-shaped window :) it brings really nice colors to the picture


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