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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Manly Man Training #20: Creating a world, creating a better You

While reading The Hidden Christ by James L. Ferrell, I came across his idea that the creation of the world is parallel to a man becoming more like our Savior.  In essence if we study the creation of the world and apply it to us as men, we can see that we go through stages in our growth and maturity to become like the Savior similar to the creating of the earth.  It is such an interesting idea to me and I have been considering it and thinking about it.  I'm still in beginning phases but here is what I came up with: 
Initially the earth empty desolate and dark.  It is like a man before he is touched by the light of Christ or a world touched by light from the sun.  When we allow ourselves to go toward Christ, the light, then changes start to happen.  When we insist on doing things "our way", being selfish and not caring what God has to tell us and how He wants us to live then we are dark and not growing spiritually.  So when the light is introduced to us as men we can choose to allow it to light the way before us and show us the way or we can turn our backs and retreat to the dark.   
On the second day the air or firmament was created which surrounds the earth.  The air may be like the spirit that can surround us when we turn to and follow the light.  As we go toward or trust in or believe in the light, and remain in the light of God, then we have increased opportunities to be taught by and protected by the Spirit.  So the firmament is comparable to increasingly having the Spirit in our lives to open our minds and to be instructed in Godly things and to increase our understanding of the purpose of life. 
On the third day water, soil and vegetation were placed on the earth.  Now with the air and the light the earth is being prepared to grow things.  Similarly when we have turned ourselves to the light and have the Spirit to instruct us we are now being prepared to grow and become something different than we have managed to make of ourselves.  On this day seeds are planted and begin to grow just like the seeds of the spirit can be planted in us and we can begin to see them growth spiritually as well.
On the fourth day the sun the moon and the stars were put into the sky in their designated rotations.  For us this may be comparable to being around light sources that nourish and encourage us in our growth.  This may include people in our church family, the Bishop and others who can guide us.  Some will help a little and some a lot as the need and the circumstance may determine.  Christ and Heavenly Father are the ultimate light, but other lesser lights can frequently help us, even rescue us when they are acting in God's behalf and we are in need of it.   
On the fifth day are the fishes and fowls created.  These may represent larger and greater gifts from God, maybe even a graduation from the milk (basic gospel principles) to meatier gospel principles.  More likely the application of the principles already learned lead us to increasingly important and difficult principles to incorporate into our lives.  As the earth began to be populated in preparation for mankind, maybe we become more prepared to be the hands of God to meet the needs of others.  Thus being His instruments in the world to help lead others to Christ.
Finally on the sixth day animals and then man and woman are placed on the earth.  This may represent that ultimately as we progress in the creation of a Godly man, just like the creation of the earth, that we become sons and daughters to Christ (who created the world).  In other words, we begin to resemble him in our growth and maturity such that we are recognizable as his followers or rather, sons and daughters.
Celestial room in the Sao Paulo Temple
Lastly the seventh day of creation or the rest comes.  We anticipate that our day of rest will come eventually where we will rest from daily earthly cares after the resurrection.  I suspect this rest will not be like an extended vacation but a ceasing of the daily struggle against sin that is a constant part of our life.  Our hope is to be in the Celestial Kingdom where God dwells but in order for that to become a reality we must become like Him.  Though that is not expected to occur totally in this life it is necessary that we begin to work or allow ourselves to be changed to a celestial being.  This work needs to start when we begin to understand the need for it.  It appears to be a lengthy process. 

So as Manly Men we need to work toward that goal and prepare ourselves with recognition of where we are in that process and where we still need to grow.  With that recognition we can make choices that move us toward God and away from worldly debilitating influences.  Keep up the good work!

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  1. we think this is pretty neat, dad! mike says it's interesting because the creation of the world isn't necessarily something for which you'd think of the applications to other areas unless you really spent some time contemplating on it. it reminds him of a conference talk that was given a long time ago on the parable of the good samaritan and how we can be seen as the traveler, satan as the thief, and the Lord as the samaritan. i think it's really cool because i like thinking about the effect of the gospel and the light of Christ on people :) i like thinking about our progression in the gospel this way - i think it's very applicable. i hadn't ever connected the two before. i would also add, though, that on the fourth day when various lights become a guiding force for us, since we have had some experience growing and learning by that point, we can also act as a light for others which i think can be a growing tool as well :) i know i've grown from experiences where i've had the opportunity to help others. thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! something new to think about! :)


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