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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

THE Book Stack, oh yeah!

While we were in Utah for my daughter's wedding we visited the art museum on BYU campus and what to our wandering eyes should appear but a stack, I mean a STACK of books.  Pretty amazing that someone would take the time to stack them up like that.  Do you suppose that these books were the ones that are out dated and they are not being used in the classes anymore?  If not then whose stack are they?  I visited special collections while at BYU and I'm for sure that Russ did not allow all those really cool books in special collections to be used this way!  (For more info on BYU library special collections click here)

This was a tremendous stack of books!  I'm glad that I have learned to get rid of some of mine through the years so I didn't have to start making works of art out of my books in the home.  Nowadays with Kindles and Nooks and other eReaders we can have a whole collection on one hand held device.  Maybe in a hundred years they will be making art of stacks of e-readers and books will be stored on hard drives connected to our brains via brain wave matching, so only we can access them.  Who knows what will be next? 

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  1. wow! that book stack is cool!!! i wish i could've donated some of my old textbooks that i found when i was going through stuff out in UT for this glorious piece of work ;) i wonder how big of a stack you guys could make with all your books at the house there in VA! :)


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