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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Music #3: Meaghan Smith--If you asked me

Lots of times we are willing to say yes or give an answer but want to be asked.  I have never been a big volunteer for things.  So in church or elsewhere when they ask for a volunteer to do such and such I rarely raise my hand, especially in the past.  However, if I were asked I would do whatever I could to be available.  I haven't figured out why I am that way, but this song reminds me of my thoughts that if I were asked I would say yes.  Here is a fun song from Meaghan Smith, and LDS singer from Canada. 

If you asked me by Meaghan Smith

This song makes me think of recent talks by general authorities admonishing guys to ask girls on dates and get married.  Many a lady would say yes, if they were asked. 

In an article at Deseret News (click here to read) it is mentioned that she cannot read music because of a learning disorder so she had to learn music by ear.  She also recently won the equivalent of a Grammy in Canada called a Juno award.  The article also mentions her penchant for 1920-1940s era things.  She is also strong on keeping her morals even in the music industry.

Meaghan Smith
Click on this picture to go to her website

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  1. not that big of a fan of this type of music, but it's a thought-provoking concept! i think i am someone who likes to be asked as well :) ...and i think my manager at work has figured that out and often asks me to take on extra projects at work ha.


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