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Sunday, February 6, 2011

From Babbytised to exuding the gospel

About a week ago I read a blog by C. Jane Kendrick.  She writes one of those 'Mormon Mommy' blogs that I have been hearing so much about lately.  It was an enjoyable true story she wrote about a young woman, Abby,  who moved into their neighborhood and liked their family and the young woman's group in their ward.  Abby joined the church, consequently the title "Babbytised".  Ms. Kendrick didn't feel like she was a big part in her conversion (so it seems) and may have even felt like she let her down when she didn't make it on time for her baptism.  But she did play the same important role that we can be to our friends whether they join the church or not.  Just being their friend and being willing to discuss our beliefs at their speed.  I highly recommend it check it out here:

Part of being a member of the church is just allowing the gospel to get inside us deep enough that we just become the gospel or maybe a 'gospel liver'.  So that it shows in our clothes, on our face, in what we say and it becomes US, or maybe we become part of it.

In another post that will be coming today or maybe tomorrow entitled Agency and Agent I mention President Hinckley's thoughts that we are the representatives of the church, the symbols of the church more so than any picture or icon.  (Click here for the enjoyable full talk)

As we let ourselves (it does take work though and doesn't happen just by itself) grow deep into the church, the church will in turn grow deeply into us and will show who we are.

I remember one time a co-worker of mine responded to me after I mentioned that I was surprised that she could recognize certain things about others without knowing them.  She said something like, "you can tell other members of your church just by seeing them can't you?"  I have thought about that from time to time and realized that it is largely true.  There are certain clues if someone is a member of the church.  Sometimes you can even tell it in their writing without ever seeing them.

When we get the church into us enough, then the church exude from us as well.  Then we do indeed become a representative of the church and many people will see it. 

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