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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Snow on snow on snow

Well we haven't exactly gotten that much snow as you might imagine from my title but we have gotten two decent snows in Virginia in December.  Typically we get no snow in December and if we do it is the variety that falls through the air and then melts on the yard post haste.  But this year we have gotten two snows that have led to work closing and it has really been nice and pretty.

I must admit that it feels a little odd writing about snow because now most of the snow has melted with small patches in shadowy parts of some yards or in the large bulldozed piles in parking lots (those tend to be unrecognizable due to their dirty colors) but mostly it is gone.  Earlier this afternoon it was 54 degrees which is more normal for this part of the state.

Because I love snow so much I notice songs that have the word in them.  I came across this one that I really like and coincidentally it is entitled "December Snow" by Jason Tonioli.  I've been enjoying his Christmas album this year by the same name but because I classified this song as a non-Christmas song I just have discovered it and have been listening to it.  Maybe you will like it to:

I know my oldest daughter is living in Minnesota with her husband and they are getting lots of snow along with my mother and father-in-law there.  I don't think they appreciate it quite as much since they have to contend with it regularly to do regular daily things.  Plus it doesn't melt there very often until Spring.  And everything keeps running as usual since it is such a common occurrence and they are prepared to handle it.  Maybe even if they would listen to this song they might be able to appreciate it briefly.  As for me this song fits well with the opportunities I've had this year to watch the snow meander down and pile up on the ground, maybe it will calm and please you as well.

P.S.  yes I know the title comes from the song "In the Bleak Midwinter".

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