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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow in VA!

So Monday, I get up and it is snowing.  This is remarkable, exciting, what I hope for every year and many years never see.  This year getting snow in December is unusual but great.  It is not predicted to be much but it is sticking on the grass and cars.  Yeah! 

So I get ready and go to work driving through the snow.  It is great!  The snow isn't sticking on the road so the roads are just wet.  Smooth driving, no slipping or sliding.  I get to work and work all morning and get to lunch time and enjoy a nice peaceful lunch. 

The next thing I know there is a lot of activity and excitement in the clinic.  People talking excitedly and moving quickly.  We are closed down for the afternoon because of the snow.  I look outside. Iit has stopped snowing.  I look on the streets, they are wet just like when I came to work.  Odd.  But it doesn't keep me from enjoying the afternoon off! 

Only in Virginia! 

Now here it is Wednesday evening.  The local schools are closed tomorrow and work is two hours late and expected to close down.  Why you might ask?  Because more snow is predicted.  100% sure they say.  Several inches they say and it will start in the morning about the time people would be going to school and work.  There is still snow on the grass from earlier in the week (also an oddity in VA since the last snow is nearly always melted by the time another snow comes). 

I'm still a little skeptical because I've been in VA enough to have seen days like this.  Snow predicted, 100% sure.  Schools close.  Next day it rains all day.  I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow but I'll believe it and enjoy it when I see it. 

I do love the snow in VA. 

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  1. a Minnesota resident, this really makes me laugh ;)


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